Makeup Trend: Eye Popping Eye Shadow

As the summer heats up, so does eye shadow trends, with everything from baby-soft natural looks to bold, bright anything goes palettes to the return of the cat eye. While the rules are…well, there really aren’t any rules beyond ‘you be you,’ you can expect dull muted shades and deep berry tones to fade into the background and be replace with are vivid, playful and even sparkly. One emerging trend showing up on runways and in fashion mags this summer are Mermaid Eyes. Ocean-inspired colors like aquamarine, cobalt, lavender and turquoise, combined with shimmering iridescence create a look even Ariel would approve. Getting the look is simple, but requires a few steps.

Start with a neutral base, like ivory, to lay down a consistent background. Create a subtle coral shade by applying orange eyeshadow to the lids, then blending pink on top of the orange on the lid and up into the crease. Brush on a line of turquoise eyeshadow beneath the lower eyelash. Line your eyes with an aquamarine liner and apply black mascara to your lashes.

Voila! Mermaid eyes!