How to Apply Moisturizer to your Face

You know you’re supposed to moisturize. Every beauty magazine in the world has told you so. The real question is, what exactly does it mean to ‘moisturize,’ and how do you do it? The truth is, while moisturizing your face is a simple process, there are more ways to do it wrong than there are to do it right. This step-by-step guide will help keep you on the moisturizing straight-and-narrow.

  1. Wash your hands, then wash your face. Think of it as if you are an artist. Your hands are your brush, and your face is the canvas. You want to start with a clean brush and a clean canvas.
  2. Think small. Abandon the concept of ‘If some is good, more is better.’ When it comes to moisturizing your face, you only need a dab of moisturizer no larger than a dime.
  3. Allow the moisturizer to warm up in the palm of your hand, rather than squeezing it onto your fingertips.
  4. Apply moisturizer to the driest part of your face first, typically the cheeks, then move to the forehead, nose, jawline, chin and neck. Use a gentle, circular motion to apply to the cheeks, but shift to light upward strokes for the rest of your face, especially the neck. Firm, downward strokes can contribute to loose, sagging skin. And there is no need to vigorously rub the moisturize into your skin. It is formulated to absorb naturally on its own.