Eyelash Perms

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Long, lush lashes have been a sought-after beauty trait for generations, and one primary means of achieving that desired “wide-eyed doe” look is through curling the eyelashes. Curled lashes just look longer and fuller than straight lashes. While you buy a handy-dandy manual eyelash curler for as little as a couple of bucks, an emerging trend in the cosmetology industry is permanent eyelash curling.

It works on the same principle as getting your hair permed, only on your lashes. Your esthetician will roll your eyelashes in tiny curling rods and apply the perm solution while you keep your eyes tightly shut. No peeking for five to 20 minutes. Then, viola! Permanently curled eyelashes. Well, sort of. Just like all the rest of the hair on your body, your eyelashes go through a regular cycle of growth, falling out, and being replaced by new hairs, so a ‘permanent’ eyelash curling treatment will only last for around a couple of months.

The treatment costs from $25 to $75 or more at your local salon, but home eyelash perming kits can be purchased for under $10.

‘Hold on there, Jethro!’ you say. ‘I seem to remember home perm products having warnings about not getting perm solution in your eyes.’

You remember correctly. The fact is, the Food & Drug Administration has not approved any eyelash perming treatment. The eyelids and the skin around your eyes are quite delicate, and an allergic reaction, irritation, or injury to the area around your eyes can be particularly troublesome, so the FDA checking the ingredients to any cosmetic that is applied near your eyes before using them. When it comes to beauty treatments around your eyes, quality is definitely more important than price. So buy the good stuff, and make sure you’re esthetician is properly trained and experienced in the treatment before getting your lashes a permanent wave.