Extra Long Hair, a Trend that is In

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Long hair on ladies has been in style for a while, but with fashion models and movie stars sporting extra-long locks, lots of women are letting their manes flow more freely than in recent decades. But growing it long can take quite a bit more care than keep it short. Experts in the cosmetology field recommend focusing on maintaining healthy hair as the first step in going long.

Start with your basic health. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Take stock of what you actually eat on a day in, day out basis. Focus on eliminating any unhealthy foods in your diet, and add those that offer sound nutrition. After all, if your body is not healthy, your hair won’t be healthy either.

The ends of your hair will naturally fray and split over time. The longer you let it go, the worse those splits can become. Going in for a regular trim will help keep the damage to a minimum, and will likely require removing less hair, which allows your hair to grow longer.

Be gentle with your hair care regimen. Aggressive shampooing and towel drying can result in a lot of breakage. Handle your hair with care when you wash and dry it, and as a special treat, occasionally apply a deep moisturizing pack or oil treatment, to keep your long locks smooth, supple. and strong.