Cosmetologists, Keeping it Clean

The most basic rule of medicine is, “First do no harm.” The same should apply to the field of cosmetology. The simple fact is, we live in a world filled with microscopic organisms, germs, and bacteria, some of which are not only harmful, but potentially deadly. As a cosmetologist, it is not unlikely that at some point you will come into contact with an infected client. But you don’t need to live in fear. Practicing established, routine health procedures will go a long way toward protecting yourself, your co-workers and your clients against infections. The good news is, most of these procedures involve simple, common sense.

Start by using clean and disinfected equipment, tools, implements and supplies. When in doubt about about what ‘good hygiene’ and ‘clean and disinfected’ means, you can refer to your state’s rules and regulations for operating your cosmetology business in a safe and healthful manner. You’ll find they are pretty specific.

Be aware of your environment and your clients. If you have reason to believe that person has a contagious condition such as head lice, nits, ringworm, conjunctivitis; or inflamed, infected, broken, raised or swollen skin or nail tissue; or an open wound or sore in the area to be serviced, you should refrain from performing services on a client. That means you actually have to observe your client, and be able to recognize such conditions when you see them. Since you are not a trained medical professional, you should refrain from announcing a diagnosis. Simply tell your client what you’ve observed, and recommend they seek treatment from a qualified health care professional.

The bottom line is, we don’t live in a sterile environment. There is simply no way to completely eradicate harmful bacteria from our day to day lives. Since we must coexist with bacteria, it is in everyone’s best interest to learn how to do so effectively and safely.